3D Scanning

General information:

In the Laboratory of Automation, Robotics and Vision Systems TMA LABS offer innovative and comprehensive 3D Scanning services. The extraordinary accuracy and the ability to quickly process the data through the use of 3D Scanner GOM Atos Compact Scan 5M allows us to map the actual model even the most difficult parts, regardless of size and complexity.

The experience gained from a large number of completed projects and modern equipment enable us to provide high quality services that meet individual customer requirements.

Order and time limit for completion:

We encourage companies and institutions to ask about 3D scanning services:

Completion date will be proposed and agreed each time after receiving your inquiry.


Price: 600 PLN per hour of work

The price includes:

  • Preparation of scanner operation
  • Scanning
  • Insurance scanner

Valuation extra scan:

Price: 150 PLN per every started 30 minutes

The price does not include:

Delivery costs elements of the workshop, loading and unloading, and insurance details (if required).

Delivery terms of measurement results:

The scan result: measurement files will be made available or forwarded in electronic form.



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